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Antioxidants & Brain Health

By Nicole Gould, RDN, CLT You're probably familiar with the term "antioxidants" but just how important are they in terms of brain

Antioxidants & Brain Health2022-06-13T12:13:24-04:00

Using Ocean Breath to Reduce Stress

By Alison Connors, Certified Brain Health Trainer, FMCHC, NBC-HWC When I first begin working with a coaching client, we address the basic

Using Ocean Breath to Reduce Stress2022-04-21T21:07:08-04:00

The Vagus Nerve & The Heart-Brain Connection

Did you know the heart and brain are in constant communication with one another? Connected by the Vagus Nerve, the heart actually

The Vagus Nerve & The Heart-Brain Connection2022-02-22T16:18:48-05:00

Have a Brain Healthy Holiday

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to put healthy habits on the list of things to do

Have a Brain Healthy Holiday2021-12-08T00:27:10-05:00

Movement Meditation

What if you could achieve the benefits meditation offers without having to sit? What if you could do something else — and

Movement Meditation2021-04-30T04:25:05-04:00

Announcing the Mind & Body Reset by Kemper

Reset your thoughts, habits and lifestyle and transform your mental and physical health for good. Beginning January 12, 2021, the Mind & Body Reset

Announcing the Mind & Body Reset by Kemper2020-12-28T20:17:22-05:00

How Gratitude Changes Your Brain

Finding Reasons to Give Thanks Every Day By Jennifer Nance, MEd, ICBCH, AIHCP Did you know that people that practice gratitude tend

How Gratitude Changes Your Brain2020-11-22T21:56:08-05:00