Evolving Past Alzheimer's Podcast


Brought to you by Dr. Nate Bergman, the Evolving Past Alzheimer’s podcast brings you the highest caliber information on Alzheimer’s prevention, reversal, and pathways to thrive in life’s second half.

Topics include emerging technologies, transhumanism, traditional medicinal approaches, spiritual conversations, and stories of people living with – and through – Alzheimer’s. This show brings you conversations with experts around the world that are leading the charge in treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s and other brain disease. Visit evolvingpast.com for a complete listing of podcasts, and subscribe to Evolving Past Alzheimer’s podcast to receive the latest episodes.

Featured Evolving Past Alzheimer’s Episodes

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Live Well With Dementia

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Part 1 – Individualized Alzheimer’s Prevention is (Just Now) Evidence Based, with guest Dr. Richard Isaacson

Part 2 – Individualized Alzheimer’s Prevention is (Just Now) Evidence Based, with guest Dr. Richard Isaacson

Women, Perimenopause, and Alzheimer’s Disease, with guest Dr. Sara Gottfried

Brain Maps and Childhood Trauma – and the Link to Alzheimer’s, with Dr. David Merril

Lighting Up the Brain – Photobiomodulation meets Neurofeedback, with guest Dr. Marvin Berman

7 Steps to a Better Brain with guest Dr. Mark Hyman

The Ketogenic Diet, Alzheimer’s & the Brain, with Dr. Dom D’agostino

The Alzheimer’s Solution with guests Dr. Dean and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai

A Roadmap to Reversal with guest Lisa Feiner of Sharp Again Naturally!

One woman’s story of getting better with guest Julie Gregory

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