Kemper Cognitive Wellness is one of the nation's leading brain health centers. 

Prevent. Push Back. Live well.

At Kemper Cognitive Wellness, we work to identify the potential root causes of memory loss and other related issues. Utilizing a hybrid approach of functional medicine along with traditional medicine, we take your whole body and entire life into account. By creating a personalized comprehensive plan and providing support, you can prevent, push back and live well.

Whether you are facing a life changing diagnosis or are looking to change the trajectory of your health, better begins here. We offer an alternate path for those who were told there was nothing that could be done or offered a pill with the advice to "get your affairs in order."

The Kemper family founded Kemper Cognitive Wellness to spread hope, give guidance, and find solutions. Because for us, it's personal.

Root Cause Medicine

Coping with a recent diagnosis of MCI, dementia or Alzheimer's?
✓ Battling a neurodegenertive disease?
Told there is nothing you can do?
Wanting to push back against your diagnosis?

✓ Wanting to take control of your health and be proactive?
✓ Looking for more energy and focus?
✓ Suffering from chronic illness?
✓ Dealing with post covid or long haul covid?
✓ Struggling with brain fog, anxiety, depression?

Partner with Experts

This integrative practice is led by Dr. Nate Bergman, Board Certified in Internal Medicine with a special expertise in brain health and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Bergman and our well-rounded team of brain health trainers, health coaches and dieticians are skilled at uncovering root causes of chronic health conditions and support clients in pushing back against cognitive decline.

Nate's interest in brain health, prevention, and disease treatments was spawned in part by his own illness. Over the course of his second and third years of medical training he suffered severe memory loss. This left him shaken and with very few people to confide in…and he learned first hand what it feels like to "lose your mind." Applying the core principles of Functional Medicine - ascertaining the root drivers of his illness - and with support of his family, Nate's memory and brain function improved to the best shape of his adult life.

Nate Bergman

Over the past 10 years, Nate has benefited from mentorship relationships with Drs Mark Hyman, Dale Bredesen, James O'keefe, Patrick Hanaway, Dan Kalish, Robert Hedaya and many others.

He previously co-developed the program for brain health at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. At Kemper, he treats most conditions affecting mood & mind.  His current research is focused on an intervention for individuals suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment and early stages of Alzheimer's.

Why Kemper Cognitive Wellness?

"I found Dr. Bergman about 5 years ago. He has literally changed my life. I went from feeling sub-par for many years (exhaustion, brain fog, memory issues) to being on top of the world with high energy and a clear mind. His compassion, cutting edge expertise and resources inspires me to continue my pursuit for optimal living. Thank you for enhancing my life, as well as my kids and my 90-year-old mom who is going strong!"


"I highly recommend Dr Bergman and his team to any family who is experiencing the struggle of cognitive decline and memory loss in their loved ones. My mother was having many serious “red flag” memory issues on a daily basis. She has 2 copies of the Alzheimer’s gene (ApoE4) and we were very concerned that Alzheimer’s disease would be the inevitable outcome. We aggressively worked on treating as many contributors as possible and now she has very few “red flag” memory issues and we are so thrilled!! We want to keep her healthy as long as possible and we now have that hope thanks to Kemper Cognitive Wellness!"


"I truly felt that we worked as a team, which had been completely missing from prior physicians’ offices. We cannot thank Dr. Bergman enough for helping us identify the two autoimmune diseases my son was diagnosed with. We are so thankful that treatment has resolved our son’s anxiety, depression and health issues. Our son is back to being a healthy, happy member of our family and on his way to graduating from college."