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Memory Loss Is Preventable

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    Personalized Care For Memory & Brain Health
    Memory Loss Is Preventable

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      Help for Early Stage Dementia & Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss & Brain Fog

      Help for Early Stage Dementia & Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss & Brain Fog

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      Online Training for Caregivers & Early Stage Dementia

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      Just imagine how good life could be

      As we face the second half of life, attaining truly optimal wellness – and quality of life – involves far more than diet and exercise. Stress, increasing food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies and other factors play a huge role in overall health.

      Kemper Cognitive Wellness is a unique medical practice focused on uncovering the levers – biochemical, physiological and lifestyle – that keep us from feeling better and optimizing our health – body, mood and mind. Leveraging cutting-edge medical discoveries, Kemper helps clients get better and stay better through a genuine partnership in revealing the individualized solutions to personal health challenges.



      • Discovery Assessment of Cognitive Decline
        Comprehensive root cause analysis and proactive plan for intervention.
      • QEEG Brain Mapping
        Non-invasive brain scans to identify and treat issues of mood and memory.
      • Cognitive Interventions
        Including photobiomodulation.
      • ReCODE Consult
        ReCODE Report from lab results and recommendations for treatment.
      • Cognistay™
        Short-term accommodations with personalized treatments for cognitive issues.
      • Treatment Review
        Virtual consultation to review and discuss medical records and treatment protocols.
      • Lifetstyle Assessment of Overall Health
        Leverage biology and lifestyle factors with an individualized plan for optimization
      • Nutrition Coaching with a Registered Dietitian
      • Customized Diet with Nutrition Coaching
      • Health & Wellness Coaching
      • Micronutrient & Screening
      • Food Sensitivity Screening
      • Cortisol Stress Screening

      Programs & Events:

      • Small & Large Group Presentations
        On brain health and optimization for your group or business.
      • Mobile Health Screenings
        For your group or business.
      • Executive Cognitive Physicals

      Partner with us to get better and stay better

      Today, working to improve your health through changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle seems easier than ever. Yet without the insight and guidance of an expert partner with specialized medical training, self-serve wellness choices often prove ineffective – or worse.

      Kemper Cognitive Wellness offers that insight, as well as something even more crucial: unique appointment experiences, advanced testing and approaches to treatment that, together, represent truly individualized solutions to personal health challenges.


      Evolving Past Alzhheimers’s
      Living Well With Alzheimer’s – Lisa’s story of getting back to herself.

      Listen to One of Our Alzheimer Patients and her family discuss firsthand their experience with Alzheimer’s and how Kemper Cognitive Wellness was able to help them.

      This episode is an important listen for anyone with doubts, reservations, or skepticism around a precision, functional medicine approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

      Listen Now

      Client Testimonials

      Hope.  That was all we were looking for 2 years ago when we contacted the team from Kemper.  Kemper’s very personal, holistic, and optimistic approach to our family and the disease is a blessing.  We have not only experienced a pause in mom’s symptoms but are enjoying marked improvements in her engagement, happiness, and overall well-being.

      If your family is struggling with the darkness, please call Kemper.  We feel blessed to have them fighting with our mom!


      When I first came to Kemper Cognitive Wellness, I feared I was going to be in a home (like my mother who passed from Alzheimer’s) in 3 years. I was struggling with memory and staying organized at work. I even got lost once on my familiar jogs.  I basically had the very early signs of Alzheimer’s.

      In less than 4 months, working with Kemper Cognitive Wellness, I noticed big cognitive improvements. It was a relief to have someone looking at my health and listening to my concerns.  My hormones were negatively impacting my cognitive wellbeing. I am able to focus at work and to get more things done. I have less overwhelm and worry, as well as an uplifted mood.

      Elaine, 59 years
      I truly felt that we worked as a team, which had been completely missing from prior physicians’ offices. We cannot thank Dr. Bergman enough for helping us identify the two autoimmune diseases my son was diagnosed with. We are so thankful that treatment has resolved our son’s anxiety, depression and health issues. Our son is back to being a healthy, happy member of our family and on his way to graduating from college.

      I have incurred numerous concussions over a long period of time, and for the past 7 years, I have endured a variety of persistent post-concussion symptoms (PCS), which unfortunately, has caused me significant mental, emotional, and physical distress. Deciding to trust Kemper turned out to be a complete game-changer and turning point for me.  While the recommended roadmap and course of action was not trivial and required a commitment (but very doable) from me, I was excited to get started and was ready to trust the process and recommendations.  The changes I have experienced thus far are real, tangible and deeply felt. For the first time in almost 7 years, I have hope that I can feel deep in my bones. I also feel there are still yet more gains to be had.


      For us, there was really no open avenue for treatment after a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia dementia. “Here’s some Aricept and hope for the best,” said Jean’s doctor. With a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, we are not inexperienced at grasping at straws.

      We partnered with Kemper Cognitive Wellness and found an alternative course of treatment. After working with Dr. Bergman for 8 months, Jean is slowing her decline and recovering some of her everyday life. She once again drives short trips, has resumed household tasks, is more active and engaged with her daily routine.

      Working with Dr. Bergman has been encouraging – having him on our team has afforded us knowledge we could not find anywhere else. It is so positive to be in a program that is addressing something so nebulous and daunting. The idea that there is a ‘protocol’ based on a person’s unique biomarkers – and a program available that offers an alternative to doing nothing – it is so positive. We are seeing results the broader medical community didn’t deem possible.

      John & Jean C., 71 years
      I knew something was not right with my emotional and physical health. Two doctors told me they didn’t know what was causing my symptoms, but I could use birth control or anti-depressants to attempt to fix them. I wasn’t looking to take medicine. I wanted to understand the root cause and address it with lifestyle changes. Traditional medicine didn’t have time to help me get to root causes. I’m so glad to have made the investment of my time and money to work with Dr. Bergman and his team. They provided data explaining my current health state. It gave me an understanding of how to enhance my lifestyle so that my total health improves during my second half of life rather than living with a handful of prescription meds. I am back in control and know my ability to earn income is protected because I’m investing in my health.
      Cynthia, 44 years
      I loved my time with Dr. Bergman. No doctor has ever asked about my whole self. I carry around his notes to me about what to do to improve my health so that I have short and long term improvements. I made poor health decisions early in life, while raising a family and building my business. I fear that my current health is due to those negative choices. Today, I am eager to work with the team at Kemper Cognitive Wellness and implement positive changes.
      Liz, age 78

      My brain feels like it just turned on.

      Today was my 9th session of tDCS. I didn’t start to notice a difference until about the 7th session – I can’t explain it other than it feels like my brain just turned on and is working more efficiently. I usually have difficulty getting to places on time and staying on time; now I’m much more aware of time. I’m so much more focused – I used to get scattered before these treatments, and would allow myself to be distracted. In the last few days, I’ve been so focused and uninterested in the distractions of social media. Energy-wise, combined with intermittent fasting, I’ve had a huge improvement. I taught a class at Case Western yesterday, and realized I forgot to take my narcolepsy medicine. People I work with even commented on my level of focus during our meeting.

      Brigid, 29 years

      I found Dr. Bergman about 5 years ago. He has literally changed my life. I went from feeling sub-par for many years (exhaustion, brain fog, memory issues) to being on top of the world with high energy and a clear mind. His compassion, cutting edge expertise and resources inspires me to continue my pursuit for optimal living. Thank you for enhancing my life, as well as my kids and my 90-year-old mom who is going strong!


      The Brain Brightening sessions literally made me more mindful… they allowed me to self-regulate.  Even though I still sometimes have the chest pain that comes with my anxiety, the tDCS and tACS neurostimulation sessions with Kemper Cognitive Wellness seem to be allowing ‘me’ to tell my brain to breath and calm down.  The pain doesn’t bother me as much because I have more control over my mind to influence my own situation.  There is much less suffering.  Now when I feel the anxiety rising from my chest and throat I can pause it and my brain has the option to push it back down into my body where I can sit with it and process it.

      Shayne, 36 years
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