Family Support & Education

Family Coaching

When a family member or loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate a path forward. A Family Coach from Kemper Wellness provides caregiver and family education, counseling and support to help families plan for the future, while living successfully in the present.

A family coach:

  • Helps families better understand the disease
  • Cultivates an environment to maximize the diagnosed person’s independence
  • Creates strategies to minimize symptoms
  • Restores a sense of normalcy in the home to the extent possible
  • Recommends measures that meet home safety requirements
  • Designs a setting to reduce stress, anxiety, and guilt
  • Develops solutions to on-going, dementia-related problems
  • Provides support and structure in dealing with the disease
  • Increases caregiver confidence through education
  • Facilitates discussions around changing care needs and care options available to families
  • Creates teamwork among family members and the caregiver
  • Provides objective feedback and guidance

Caregiver Support & Education

A diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s or dementia is devastating. Something caused you to seek an assessment, but nothing can prepare families for the outcome—the diagnosis that follows.

You have so many questions: What exactly is dementia? What happens next? Is there anything we can do to fight this disease? And, what exactly do we do to ‘get our affairs in order?’

To that end, our team of experts has developed Live Well With Dementia, an affordable and accessible online training solution to educate, equip and empower your family for the journey ahead. It is the only comprehensive resource of its kind to help caregivers navigate a diagnosis of dementia.

  • In-depth, practical knowledge
  • Clinical expertise in cognitive loss
  • Science-backed solutions to enhance cognition
  • Care options for changing needs
  • Legal guidance to plan for the future
  • Care for the caregiver
  • 7 modules with 9+ hours of video material
  • Corresponding written content
  • Dozens of downloadable resources
  • Finally, answers you need, from the dementia care partners you trust

Brought to you by Dr. Nate Bergman and the team at Kemper Wellness.