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ProLon - The Fasting Mimicking Diet®



The Fasting Mimicking Diet®

Get All The Benefits Of A 5-Day Fast While Enjoying Food

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is the first and only meal program that has gone through clinical trials at the University of Southern California and been patented for its anti-aging effects! This 5-day meal program provides scientifically researched micro- and macro-nutrients in precise quantities and combinations that nourish you, but are not recognized as food by your body and therefore mimics a fasting state! The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is your secret to fasting – with real and delicious food. Join the health trend of fasting without going hungry!

  • Enhance Performance: Greater focus, clarity, and energy through the benefits of a leaner body.
  • Fat Focused Weight Loss:  Fastest way to lose fat (especially belly fat) while protecting lean body mass.
  • Enhance Cellular Function:  Trigger stem cell-based regeneration, autophage , and promote stem cell-based renewal.
  • Metabolic Health:  Maintain Healthy levels of blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure, as well as markers of inflammation for overall wellness.

Delicious Food that's Convenient

Get the benefits of a 5-day fast without giving up food with ProLon, the first and only patented 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet. ProLon gently guides your body into a fasting state to get all the health benefits that come from long fasts while enjoying delicious meals and tasty snacks.

With ProLon, you get everything you need pre-packaged and ready to go. That means no last second trips around town trying to find unusual ingredients or long cook times. Just open, heat, and eat!

The ProLon Journey

Just 5 days to better health! What happens to the body over the 5 days of the Fasting Mimicking Diet…

  • Day 1: Fasting State
    ProLon is designed to prime your body to transition into a fasting state so it can begin cellular recycling.
  • Day 2: Fat Burning
    ProLon guides your body to switch to a fat burning state. Cellular clean up (autophagy) begins.
  • Day 3: Cellular Recycling
    … and many people reach a degree of the fat burning metabolic state known as full ketosis.
  • Day 4: Cell Regeneration
    Autophagy continues and stem cell-based regeneration is ramping up.
  • Day 5: Regeneration Continues
    continues to enhance cellular renewal and the body.

The Benefits Continue After The 5 Days End

Stem cell-based rejuvenation continues for up to 5 days once you complete the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and return to your regular healthy meal plan.

The first 2 days were a bit rough. Third day is definitely hump day, but day 4 and 5 I felt really good clean energy. Great mental focus and totally not worried about food. I dropped about 7-8 lbs. Very worthwhile experience!"

Dr. Nate Bergman

Benefits of Fasting Mimicking Diets

  • Decrease Weight and Body Fat*
  • Stem Cell Generation
  • Enhanced Cognition, Learning and Memory
  • Maintain Glucose at Healthy Levels
  • Maintain CRP at Healthy Levels
  • Maintain Triglycerides at Healthy Levels
  • Maintain Blood Pressure at Healthy Levels*
  • Maintain Lean Body Mass
  • Impact in IGF-1 (Aging Marker)*
  • Maintain Insulin Resistance at Healthy Levels
  • Maintain Cholesterol at Healthy Levels
  • Decrease Visceral Fat*

*Wei et al, Science Translational Medicine - February 2017

Prolon Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

ProLon® is the first Fasting Mimicking Diet™ (FMD™) developed to provide the beneficial effects of fasting by making the fasting mimicking period safe and pleasant. ProLon®, which contains plant-based soups, bars, crackers, olives, drinks, and supplements, is a proprietary 5-day dietary program, providing approximately 750 to 1100 calories per day. It is based on innovative research carried out at two of the world’s leading centers for biomedical and longevity research located at the University of Southern California (USC), the Longevity Institute and the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute. This revolutionary meal plan has been scientifically designed and clinically tested to mimic the effects of fasting, while providing the proper daily nourishment and the feeling of satisfaction.