Preventing Disease Through Diet with Dr. James O’Keefe

Dr. James O’Keefe, the director of preventative cardiology at St Louis Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City and a professor of medicine at the University of Missouri, recently joined our very own Dr. Nate Bergman on the Evolving Past Alzheimer’s podcast to discuss the role our diet can play in preventing disease. Dr. O’Keefe teaches us that checking your blood sugar right after you eat is really important and even healthy people may see a huge spike in their blood sugar right after they eat. Dr. O’Keefe recently published a paper on the Pesco-Mediterranean diet as the ideal way to eat for heart, brain, and overall health.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The advantages of the Pesco-Mediterranean diet for preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Dr. O’Keefe’s perspective on the ketogenic diet
  • Many different chronic diseases are linked to problems with blood sugar.
  • How dairy can cause inflammation
  • Whether or not fish oil good for your health

Hosted by Dr. Nate Bergman of Kemper Cognitive Wellness.

Listen in and let us know what you think!