Brain Energetics & 2 Potential New Therapies in Alzheimer’s

This is a super technical episode, with guest Dr. Gonzalez-Lima, a world leader in brain energy and its impact on cognition and cognitive change that leads to Alzheimer’s.

We discuss the difference between early-onset Alzheimer’s (which is usually genetic) and late-onset Alzheimer’s that usually happens after age 65.  Dr. Gonzalez-Lima argues that there is a common pathway, a problem with the way the brain produces energy, which leads to late-onset Alzheimer’s. The causes of this can be multiple, and the major one is simply getting older.  So as individuals, we have to lead healthy lifestyles to push back on these changes.

The earliest changes in the brain are in the way the brain metabolizes energy. These changes show up long before the common atrophies we see in Alzheimer’s patients.  And, we are finding many of the factors that lead to the development of Alzheimer’s are vascular. Dr. Gonzalez-Lima discusses a test that may help catch Alzheimer’s before cognitive symptoms – Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test (CIMT), EEG (brain maps), and much more.

Hosted by Dr. Nate Bergman of Kemper Cognitive Wellness.

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