What is CBD?

From gas stations to your doctor’s office, it seems Cannabidiol (CBD) products are everywhere – and for good reason. CBD, the second most prevalent active constituent in the hemp plant, possesses a wide range of health benefits. CBD, along with the cannabinoids in our body, works to balance and regulate various body systems including hormones, neurotransmitters, mood, pain, and the immune system. In addition, CBD has been shown to support other critical pieces to optimal cognitive health like sleep, stress and inflammation.

Though CBD is extracted from the same plant species as marijuana, CBD products contain little to no THC (below .3%) and will not make you feel “high”. Unlike medical marijuana, CBD can be purchased over the counter.  As with any supplement, quality is of the utmost importance as not all brands are created equal. It’s important to know where the CBD is sourced from, how it’s processed and what other ingredients are included. One brand we like is Clean Remedies. Clean Remedies offers an organic, full-spectrum CBD line. Products are available in our office for purchase or can be shipped directly to you.

If you’d like to learn more about CBD, join us for our webinar “CBD and Cognitive Health” on Tuesday, April 20th at 12:00pm. Click here to register. 

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