Kemper Cognitive Wellness welcomes Dr. Nate Bergman, Chief Scientific Wellness Officer

In the 21st century, a diagnosis of cognitive impairment is no longer a life sentence. In fact, risk factors are identifiable up to 30 years ahead of symptoms. Using the new science of wellness, Dr. Nate Bergman and the team at Kemper Cognitive Wellness have solutions for adults at every age.

“I have been passionate about proactive, preventive, and participatory health activation since my days as a research fellow at the NIH,” says Dr. Bergman. “My interest in brain health, prevention, and disease treatments was borne out of my own illness in the second and third years of medical training. I suffered severe memory loss and learned first-hand what it feels like to ‘lose your mind.’ The experience left me feeling frightened and isolated, but with the fundamental lifestyle and functional medicine tools we now use at Kemper Cognitive Wellness, I was able to reverse it.”

Kemper Cognitive Wellness is an integrative approach to achieving optimal brain health. We use genetic, biological and cognitive testing, combined with environmental and lifestyle assessments to help our clients predict and proactively treat factors that impact memory and cognition. Whether you are experiencing brain fog in your 30’s, or you have been diagnosed with cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease, or you simply want to understand your risk, we have programs to equip you in optimizing your mind.

“Our family has been personally affected by Alzheimer’s for generations, and we have experienced firsthand the frustration around limited treatment options. For the first time, we are seeing research and results that give us hope in the fight to prevent cognitive decline. Dr. Bergman brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the team at Kemper,” said Kristin Kemper West, founder of Kemper Cognitive Wellness.

Dr. Bergman completed his fellowship in geriatric medicine at the Cleveland Clinic with emphasis on how to optimize the aging brain and body. Prior to joining the team at Kemper Cognitive Wellness, he co-developed the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine’s program for cognitive impairment.