Case Notes: Juanita, 71 years – Advancing Dementia


Juanita* developed primary progressive aphasia – a progressively worsening neurodegenerative disease similar to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  Her medical history included: obstructive sleep apnea, chronic sinus issues, and frequent mold exposure.  She suffered with extended periods of anxiety and depression throughout her life.  Dementia also ran strong in her family, affecting multiple first degree relatives.

After a few years of early signs and symptoms of dementia, Juanita deteriorated and lost her ability to be independent.  She was no longer able to drive, cook or do the laundry.  She was so anxious that her ability to meaningfully interact with her family began faltered.

A retired grade-school teacher, Juanita and her husband Paul were entering their golden years.  Looking forward to spending more time in retirement with their children and grandchildren, Juanita and Paul were devastated with the diagnosis of what their family doctor described as “pre-Alzheimer’s”.  With their son’s help, the family connected with Kemper Cognitive Wellness for alternatives to Aricept (a medication that is often prescribed for dementia, but rarely makes any meaningful difference in symptoms) and a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude typically experienced in traditional dementia care.

Discovery Assessment
Juanita underwent a Discovery Assessment of Cognitive Health at Kemper Cognitive Wellness.  This extensive assessment includes a comprehensive review of lifetime history of health, cognitive testing, a qEEG brain map, and lab testing of over 100 biomarkers for chronic disease including cognitive decline.  Due to the known frequent exposure to mold earlier in her life, Dr. Bergman ordered additional testing to identify mold and mycotoxins.

Diagnostic Testing Results
Juanita’s lab work revealed:

  • Presence of fungus in nasal passages
  • Inflammation
  • Blood sugar abnormalities
  • Nutrient deficiencies

Plan of Action
Dr. Bergman cleared some toxins and fungus that often increase anxiety, sinus issues and impact cognition.  He advised Juanita on the use of photobiomodulation, home-based laser therapy to significantly improve cognition in mild to moderately severe dementia cases.  Additionally, Juanita’s family worked closely with members of the Kemper team, including a health coach and family coach, to make modest alterations in her diet and introduce cognitive training at home.

Juanita’s Health Status 6 Months Later
Juanita’s husband Paul indicates very positive results – things are “better than they were 6 months ago.”  Juanita has regained her ability to drive short trips, and is able to do some laundry and cooking.  Paul shares that there are ups and downs, good days and bad – and reports that, overall, the family is very pleased with Juanita’s status.

Client Family Testimonials

“My grandmother suffered with Alzheimer’s for 14 years before her passing. My mother had been showing signs for about a year. We felt defeated by the lack of progress traditional medicine has made over the past 2 decades since my grandmother passed. In many ways we were being told to prepare to live through the same hell all over again.

Kemper’s very personal, holistic and optimistic approach to our family and the disease is a blessing. We have not only experienced a pause in mom’s symptoms but are enjoying marked improvements in her engagement, happiness, and overall wellbeing.”   -Steve, Son

“For us, there was really no open avenue for treatment after a diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia.  “Here’s some Aricept and hope for the best,” said Juanita’s doctor.  With a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, we are not inexperienced at grasping at straws.

We partnered with Kemper Cognitive Wellness and found an alternative course of treatment.  After working with Dr. Bergman for 8 months, Juanita is slowing her decline and recovering some of her everyday life.  She once again drives short trips, has resumed household tasks, is more active and engaged with her daily routine.

Working with Dr. Bergman has been encouraging – having him on our team has afforded us knowledge we could not find anywhere else.  It is so positive to be in a program that is addressing something so nebulous and daunting.  The idea that there is a ‘protocol’ based on a person’s unique biomarkers – and a program available that offers an alternative to doing nothing – it is so positive.  We are seeing results the broader medical community didn’t deem possible.”            -Paul & Juanita

About Kemper Cognitive Wellness
Kemper Cognitive Wellness is a functional medicine practice with special expertise in brain health, mood, memory and cognition.  Our dynamic team partners with you to identify the root causes of your cognitive concerns, along with customized, multi-modal interventions.

Leveraging the science behind precision wellness, our comprehensive approach reveals the true origins of your symptoms and concerns – including cognitive issues ranging from brain fog, depression, anxiety and ADHD, to subjective cognitive impairment, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other dementia, as in Juanita’s case.

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*Names are changed to protect privacy