About Kemper Cognitive Wellness

Mild cognitive impairment is a diagnosis that comes with changes in memory and thinking that significantly interfere with functioning in usual activities.  Trouble with writing a check, or becoming lost while driving – these are examples of trouble above and beyond normal aging.  It’s not a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  But left untreated, such a diagnosis is sure to follow within a few years.

Despite billions spent on research and development, the pharmaceutical industry has failed to find an effective treatment for these brain degenerative diseases.(1)  There isn’t one cause for memory loss, nor is there a single solution.  A multi-modal approach is delivering real results in the effort to treat the root causes of cognitive decline.(2) At Kemper Cognitive Wellness, we are offering customized interventions for cognitive impairment.

You or someone you know may be personally affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia.  The Kemper family has also been affected for generations and has  experienced the frustration around limited treatment options. For the first time, there is hope.

Kemper Cognitive Wellness, in conjunction with Kemper House, Cleveland’s resource for personalized memory care for over 20 years, now offers end to end cognitive solutions.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented?

Today, risk factors for cognitive decline are often identifiable and treatable as much as 30 years ahead of symptoms.(3) Kemper Cognitive Wellness works with you to identify the root cause of your symptoms and implement customized solutions to help you and your loved ones. Early intervention has proven to yield the most positive results in preventing and slowing cognitive decline.(4)

Kemper Cognitive Wellness offers a full spectrum of services for adults at every age and stage:

Discovery – “Is my brain at risk?” Just get tested and find out with the Discovery Program.

Lifestyle – “I’m too young for cognitive issues, but I’m interested in an overall picture of my health.” Get a snapshot of your general health with the Lifestyle Program.

Change Your Mind – “Now that I know my risk, what can I do about it?”  Change Your Mind offers solutions, coaching and connections aimed at optimizing your mind.

The Club at Kemper – “My loved one has been diagnosed – now what?”  This cognitive “reablement” program is aimed at slowing the progression of cognitive decline while stabilizing an individual’s functional abilities.

For more information on Kemper Cognitive Wellness and the services we provide, contact us at hello@KemperWellness.com or 216-337-1400.



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