Prevent. Push Back. Live Well.

Because for us it's personal.

At Kemper Cognitive Wellness, we work to identify the potential root causes of memory loss and other related issues. Utilizing a hybrid approach of functional medicine along with traditional medicine, we take your whole body and entire life into account. By creating a personalized comprehensive plan and providing support, you can prevent, push back and live well.

Whether you are facing a life changing diagnosis or are looking to change the trajectory of your health, better begins here. We offer an alternate path for those who were told there was nothing that could be done or offered a pill with the advice to "get your affairs in order."

The Kemper family founded Kemper Cognitive Wellness to spread hope, give guidance, and find solutions.

Alzheimer's — There is something you can do about it!

Brain Fit — the ultimate fitness club for your brain

Clear thinking and enhanced cognitive function
Increased independence
Improved communication
Mood stabilization and emotional regulation
Decreased anxiety
Increased social engagement
Improved appetite
Enhanced sleep quality

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Treatment

Coping with a recent diagnosis of MCI, dementia or Alzheimer's?
Battling a neurodegenertive disease?
Told there is nothing you can do?
Wanting to push back against your diagnosis?


Stages of Cognitive Impairment

Noticing early signs of cognitive impairment in yourself or a loved one can be emotional, but early diagnosis and treatment programs are proven to be beneficial. Take our complimentary short assessment to begin assessing the warning signs and determine your next steps.