Brain Brightening for a Better Mood

By Dr. Nate Bergman, Chief Scientific Wellness Officer

Are you still struggling as we transition to the next chapter of this pandemic era? What happens when positive thinking, gratitude practices, talk therapy, or Zooming/Facetime with family and friends just aren’t cutting it?

You are not alone. What are your next options? Continue reading if you feel like you could use less struggle and more thriving right now…

Several weeks back, in the midst of this grand COVID social distancing experiment, I spoke with a colleague of mine. He is a psychiatrist with Ivy League medical training. He told me, we are collectively experiencing “global PTSD” right now. Hmmmm… global Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. “That resonates,” I thought to myself.

So many people report feeling more irritable, forgetful, and fatigued despite having more “free time” since the pandemic started. It’s important to have a general sense of what is happening “under the hood” in our minds when it comes to anxiety, panic, PTSD, and the general destabilization we are facing now. With this understanding, we can begin to grow from these experiences.

You see, drives for certainty and safety are hardwired into our biology. When we don’t have them, our nervous systems go haywire. The longer “haywire” goes on the more damaging it may become for the nervous system. It’s sort of like a fire that isn’t going out. This process impacts not only nerves, but our hormones, GI systems, and even immune system function.

As we strive to turn the page on the COVID pandemic chapter in our collective memory and seek a return to exploration, work, and play in our new world, Kemper Cognitive Wellness offers a 21st century antidote for healing. We are using the judicious application of “transformational technologies” in our offices to re-balance disrupted nervous systems.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of anxiety, depression, or mental exhaustion, you may consider the Brain Brightening Program coming in June to Kemper Cognitive Wellness:

  • persistent anxiousness, panic, or worry of harm to yourself or loved ones
  • brain fog or difficulty concentrating
  • a tendency for catastrophic feelings
  • insomnia or the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • lower energy especially if accompanied by appetite changes
  • persistent negative thinking
  • restlessness or increased muscle tension
  • increase irritability
  • the world around you seems surreal or you feel detached from reality

The Brain Brightening Program is a series of 6-10 neurostim sessions, using low energy tDCS/tACS to foster an increased state of neuroplasticity in the brain and soothe an overactive nervous system. Participants complete targeted assessments, receive a series of 45-minute treatments, along with personalized recommendations for lifestyle enhancements and supplement supports to improve low mood, anxiety and depression symptoms. Achieve rapid results with Brain Brightening over the course of 3-4 weeks.

This exciting new offering is available in packages ranging from $599-$849. Adults and children 16 and over are eligible. For more information, call our office at 216/337-1400 x101.

You can think of these transformational technologies as physical therapy for your brain. And they work! People report having much more regulation over their huge, and previously uncontrollable, range of emotions. Patients report feeling less susceptible to the whims of the news of the day, and the frightening thoughts that plague them. Others report improved sleep, elevations of mood, clearer thinking, improved attention and memory.

Our approach at Kemper Cognitive Wellness is to look beyond a pill and use technology, and other evidence-based tools, to help solve the failure of the medication-only approach to mental and cognitive well-being. A Scientific Wellness approach can help you. Partner with us in your transformation – we want to help you transform this potentially traumatic period into one of growth and transformation.

Call Kemper Cognitive Wellness at 216/337-1400 x101 to schedule an appointment for the Brain Brightening Program. See positive results after just 6-10 sessions of neurostimulation.


Brain Brightening Testimonial

“The neurostimulations treatments literally made me more mindful… they allowed me to self regulate. Even though I still sometimes have the chest pain that comes with my anxiety, the neurostimulation treatments with Kemper Cognitive Wellness seem to be allowing ‘me’ to tell my brain to breath and calm down. The pain doesn’t bother me as much because I have more control over my mind to influence my own situation. There is much less suffering. Now when I feel the anxiety rising from my chest and throat I can pause it and my brain has the option to push it back down into my body where I can sit with it and process it.” -Shayne, 36