MRT Food Sensitivity Test

Save 20% on the MRT food sensitivity test thru June 19!

Do you suffer from migraines, skin issues, chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating, IBS, or other gut problems?

If yes, food sensitivities could be wrecking havoc on your gut and your health!

Unlike a food allergy, food sensitivities may be delayed and often go unchecked, leaving you with symptoms that are difficult to manage. Why not get to the root cause of your symptoms with a food sensitivity test?

The Mediator Release blood test takes out the guesswork by testing 170 foods and food-chemicals and pinpointing the specific foods that may be triggering your symptoms.

For the first time ever, this test is on sale for 20% off.  We are thrilled to pass the savings on to you – Kemper is offering a discounted price of $399 through June 19th! The price includes a 30-minute results review with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  An additional lab draw fee applies, $25 in our office, or $50 in your home/office.  

If you are interested, give our office a call at 216/337-1400.