Cognitive Health in the 21st Century

Announcing a New Webinar Series on Brain Health

“I echo the sentiments of my mentor, Dr. Dale Bredesen when he says ‘We are at the dawn of the age of treatable neuro degenerative diseases,'” says Dr. Nate Bergman, Chief Scientific Wellness Officer for Kemper Cognitive Wellness.

It’s a new day in brain health, indeed.  It’s like the early days of cancer and treating HIV, that’s where we are in terms of brain health in the last 5 years.  Rapid advancements allow for new understanding in not only the causes of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and related cognitive impairment, but also effective treatments.  Early intervention is key.  The most promising interventions are personalized and multi-modal, addressing lifestyle factors and next level indicators including hormones, toxicity, and inflammation.

In this 6-part series, Cognitive Health in the 21st Century, Dr. Bergman begins with the latest research and promising new interventions to prevent, delay, and some cases even reverse cognitive decline.  He touches on lifestyle factors that can make or break one’s brain health, and we delve into each of those areas in the subsequent webinars.

Previously only available live and in person in Cleveland, Ohio, the Kemper team is eager to bring this message to the online world.  Webinars will be delivered with Zoom web conferencing technology, beginning Monday April 13th at 10 am EST.

The schedule of webinars follows: 

  • April 13 – Memory Loss is Preventable: Learn why the best time to invest in your brain health is now.
    Presented by Dr. Nate Bergman, DO
    Register for April 13 here
  • April 20 – Eating for the Mind.
    Presented by Nikki Gould, RDN, LD
    Register for April 20 here
  • April 27 – Your Brain & Stress. 
    Presented by Alison Connors, FMCHC
    Register for April 27 here 
  • May 4 – Impact of Sleep on Mood, Brain and Peak Performance.
    Presented by Dr. Nate Bergman, DO
    Register for May 4 here
  • May 11 – Training Your Mind & Body.
    Presented by Alison Connors, Functional Medicine Health Coach &
    Valerie Hurst, Brain Health Coach
    Register for May 11 here
  • May 18 – Are All Supplements Created Equal? 
    Presented by Nikki Gould, RDN, LD
    Register for May 18 here

This webinar series is for anyone, at any age:

  • Interested in improving your cognitive and overall health and wellness.
  • At risk for developing cognitive decline.
  • Experiencing cognitive decline, including subjective cognitive impairment, early Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia

About Kemper Cognitive Wellness

Kemper Cognitive Wellness is functional medicine practice located in Rocky River, Ohio.  Led by Dr. Nate Bergman, the practice has special expertise in the areas of mood, mind, and memory.  At Kemper Cognitive Wellness, we use personalized medicine to achieve optimal brain and overall health.  Our dynamic team partners with individuals to find the root cause of symptoms and implement customized solutions to help you and your loved ones.  For more information call 216/337-1400.