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Free Webinar event presented by Dr. Nate Bergman & Nikki Gould RDN, Kemper Cognitive Wellness.

Is anxiety, depression, and overwhelm caused by outside factors out of our control?

Today we know that issues of mood and mind are also driven by inflammation – starting in the gut – or the body’s second brain. What can you do about your gut health to impact your mood?

In this webinar participants learn:
-recent evidence on how the gut is connected to the brain and nervous system
-understand why the gut microbiome impacts mood, memory, and cognition
-understand if you are at risk for a gut-brain issue
-strategies to improve your gut-brain connection, optimizing mood and mind

Kemper Cognitive Wellness is a functional medicine practice specializing in brain health,
memory, and cognition. Early intervention has proven to yield the most positive results in
preventing and slowing cognitive decline. At Kemper Cognitive Wellness, our dynamic team partners with you to find the root cause of your symptoms and implement solutions to help you and your loved ones. 216/337-1400 | KemperWellness.com

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