Discovery Assessment for Cognitive Health

A comprehensive testing and evaluation program to identify risk factors and root causes for chronic disease.

Early intervention has yielded the most positive results in preventing and slowing cognitive decline. Understand your unique symptom drivers or risk factors with comprehensive root cause analysis, and receive a custom, personalized plan for intervention.

  • Two 60-75 minute appointments with Dr. Bergman, plus a 60 minute flex appointment with a Nutritionist or Family Coach.
  • Online collection of personal health data and family medical history, as well as lifestyle information to assess health and identify the root cause of symptoms. This detailed information is essential to the assessment process, and is reviewed by Dr. Bergman prior to the first appointment.
  • Extensive computerized neurocognitive testing to assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance under challenge, along with other written assessments.
  • Non-invasive, qEEG brain map, a real-time picture of your brain’s electrical activity and how it is functioning. Brain maps give insights as to why attention, thinking, cognition, mood, sleep, energy, or memory might be working less than optimal, and inform treatment protocols. Optional. Optional.
  • Lab panel of 104 biomarkers, including vascular indicators, micronutrients, lipids, hormones, inflammatory markers, plus the prostate specific antigen for men.
  • Genetic Testing to identify gene variations that determine risk for chronic disease, including Alzheimer’s and heart disease.
  • For individuals with family history of cognitive loss, those experiencing symptoms of memory loss, and individuals with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Ask about our 6 Month Discovery Program, which includes assessment and implementation support, for a convenient monthly fee.

Cognitive Assessment

A non-invasive evaluation of current cognitive status and guidance on next steps.

Computerized neurocognitive testing assesses a range neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, neurotraumatic and neurodevelopmental disorders and provides immediate clinical insight into a person’s current status and level of impairment.

  • CNS Vital Signs computerized neurocognitive testing to assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance under challenge, along with other written assessments.
  • One hour consultation with Dr. Nate Bergman to review assessment results and next step recommendations.
  • Establish a neurocognitive baseline.
  • Identify further cognitive testing needs.
  • Understand the relationship between brain function and neurocognitive/behavioral dysfunction.

ReCODE Consultation

ReCODE Report, consultation and recommendations for treatment. Virtual appointments available.

For those experiencing cognitive decline who are seeking a reversal of symptoms and brain health optimization utilizing the Bredesen Protocol.

  • Includes a 60-90 minute consultation with a Kemper Cognitive Wellness ReCODE Practitioner and a copy of your ReCODE Report.
  • Receive guidance and next-step recommendations for optimizing memory and cognition.
  • Health Coaching and Nutrition Practitioners are available for implementation support for an additional fee.
  • Get started by purchasing a ReCODE Report from Apollo Health.

Brain Brightening Program

The Brain Brightening Program at Kemper Cognitive Wellness is a drugless approach to anxiety, low mood, and mild depression. Low-energy neuro stimulation treatments stimulate the brain and soothe the nervous system.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might benefit from this program:

  • Persistent anxiousness, panic, or worry
  • Brain fog or difficulty concentrating
  • A tendency for catastrophic thinking
  • Lower energy, especially if accompanied by appetite changes
  • Persistent, negative thinking
  • Restlessness or increased muscle tension
  • Increased irritability

Brain Brightening is available in packages of 6 and 10 sessions (each session is 45 minutes in length). For best results, a package of 10 is recommended. Sessions should be scheduled over the course of 3-4 weeks and participant’s schedule must permit treatments at least twice a week. Participants also receive targeted dietary, exercise, vitamin and supplement recommendations to further augment the effects of the program.